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I'm a technical product manager with 15 years of experience (7 managing people) driving up to 9-figure revenues and protecting brand trust. More about me.

CDP capabilities

Customer Data Platforms (CDP)

CDP build/buy and activation for AI/ML, analytics, marketing, advertising, personalization, privacy
  • As a Director of Product at Walmart, I led a CDP and AI/ML initiative serving marketing, advertising, personalization, analytics, privacy, and fraud.
  • As a Group Product Manager at Intuit for QuickBooks MarTech, I led a build/buy analysis of vendor customer data platforms.
CDP capabilities

Marketing Technology (MarTech)

Growth, MarTech, and channel optimization: email, push, advertising, landing pages, in-app engagement
  • As a Director of Product at Walmart, I led data infra for marketing channel outcomes and MarTech for mobile apps.
  • As a Group Product Manager at Intuit for QuickBooks MarTech, I led personalization, landing pages, sign-up, in-product advertising, notification platform, and content management (CMS).
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Data Privacy

GDPR, CCPA, data subject requests, consent, third-party data sharing, children's privacy
  • As a Product Lead at Meta, I led global data privacy initiatives related to consent, data sharing, and children's privacy.
  • As a Director of Product at Walmart, I played a key role in California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) compliance strategy.
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Mobile Apps

iOS & Android, platform APIs, vendor SDKs, user testing, App Store optimization, subscriptions
  • As a Senior Product Manager at Intuit, I led the QuickBooks small business accounting, banking, payments, and expense tracking app to 330% growth in paying users (300K+).
  • I co-founded a mobile social startup and led product for the Travelzoo travel deals app.
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Product Management

Customer empathy, product strategy, roadmaps, go-to-market, cross-functional team leadership
  • 9 years in product at public tech companies.
  • Co-founder and Chief Product & Technology Officer for 2 startups.
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2x co-founder leading product, engineering, and design; for-profit and non-profit leadership
  • Co-founded Sprowtt Marketplace, a platform for preparing and conducting private stock offerings.
  • Co-founded Spurfly, an app to help people spend more time with their offline social network.
  • Led digital history & education non-profit.