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Fortune 500 experience driving global privacy initiatives: GDPR, CCPA, data subject requests, consent, third-party data sharing, children's privacy

Data Privacy
When I worked on it
Meta, Walmart
consent, privacy settings, purpose limitation, data subject requests (DSR, DSAR, access, deletion), third-party data sharing, age-appropriate design, age assurance/verification, parental consent and controls, privacy impact assessments (PIA), profiling, advertising
GDPR (EU), CCPA (California), LGPD (Brazil), POPIA (South Africa), Age Appropriate Design Code (UK), Fundamentals for a Child-Oriented Approach to Data Processing (EU), COPPA (USA)


Global Data Privacy @ Meta

From 2020-2021 as a PM Lead at Meta, I co-led a new "privacy regulatory readiness" team formed to systematically address upcoming global privacy regulation and evolving user expectations. I crafted complex product strategies and programs touching all products (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Oculus, WhatsApp) with approvals rising to the Chief Privacy Officer and division heads. Challenges leveraged all of my product management and legal background, including a mix of customer-facing and platform work.

Consent UX Standards

I led an effort to evaluate consent practices across 300+ touchpoints in our products and adopt user experience design standards to address potential dark patterns. As with many of our privacy initiatives, this involved extensive cross-organizational and cross-functional alignment. We socialized and iterated on standards, inventoried and evaluated consent flows against those standards, rolled out education and review process to ensure new consents followed the standards, and drove a multi-year plan to update existing consents.

Data Sharing

I led an effort to ensure we do not "sell data" under CCPA. We evaluated third-party data sharing practices across marketing systems, developer APIs, product experiences, and outside research programs, and drove alignment on product strategies and timelines to meet compliance goals. I also initiated a project to automate additional submission of users' data privacy requests to Meta to our third-party data processors where required by regulation.

Children's Privacy

I led a privacy products team to partner across the company in standing up a 200+ person initiative to make platform and UX changes to address upcoming global youth (typically meaning under 18) regulation such as the Age Appropriate Design Code (UK) and parental consent/control provisions in various countries' privacy laws. I worked with a cross-functional team to triage potential obligations, proposed product strategies and owners, and drove or facilitated roadmaps for Facebook, Instagram, Oculus, and WhatsApp. I contributed to product strategies and driving outcomes across the initiative, including:


Some of our work has been shared publicly:

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CCPA Program @ Walmart

From 2018-2020 as a Director at Walmart in Marketing Technology, I led 7 PMs and 60+ cross-functional partners to build and drive cross-company value from a Customer Data Platform (CDP). See CDP Portfolio for more details.

In 2019, I led our team to play a central role in providing identity resolution and orchestration capabilities underpinning CCPA access, deletion, and opt-out requests.