Work Interests

  • Designing and building technologies that improve quality of life for a very large base of people, such as those that:
    • help us form or enrich meaningful relationships
    • open up new or more efficient modes of communication between individuals, groups, and the masses that may lead to increased efficiency, understanding, and happiness
    • improve and automate where possible everyday processes (calendaring, finance, product discovery, people discovery, medicine) with novel approaches that make use of automated information collection and analysis
    • improve the quality of legal, financial, and medical services
    • drive down costs of accessing legal, financial, and medical knowledge and services
    • provide access to education and tools to help people learn things that matter
    • facilitate better allocation of resources and attention to things that matter
  • Corporate law, technology transactions, venture capital

Other Interests

In general

  • Obtaining knowledge and spreading it
  • Entertaining, uplifting, teaching, and connecting people
  • Making fun, memorable experiences for myself and others

A few specifics

  • Science, religion, philosophy, psychology
  • Dancing — Swing (Lindy Hop) and ballroom mostly
  • Singing — I was in my university's 200+ voice Men's Chorus, and participate in local choirs occasionally.
  • Acting — I've been in a few musicals over the years. I do some fairly decent accents and impressions.
  • Drumming
  • Tennis, volleyball, golf, and football
  • Motorcycles and cars

About This Site

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I'm Dave Marble — a software developer and designer based in Palo Alto, CA.

I'm an extreme generalist with a love of people and big ideas. I live to entertain, uplift, connect, learn, teach, and solve problems that matter.

You can connect with me on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Github, or Google.

Email me at for work inquiries or to chat about, well, just about anything.

Short Background

I grew up near Sacramento, California. Since then I've lived for multi-year stretches in Utah, DC, and now Palo Alto. Over the years I've also spent weeks or months at a time in lot of places (Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Nashville, Raleigh, Ft. Lauderdale).


Work Experience

Over the past decade I've worked primarily in consumer web application design and development, web and mobile product management, and nonprofit management.

See my past projects and LinkedIn profile for more info.