Photo of David Marble

About Me

I love to connect, learn, teach, uplift, entertain, and solve problems that matter.


I'm a generalist and enjoy filling life with variety.


I grew up near Sacramento, California. Since then I've lived for multi-year stretches in Utah, Australia, Northern Virginia, and now Palo Alto. Over the years I've also lived temporarily in a few places for work and play (Boston, New York, Phoenix, Charlotte, Nashville, Raleigh, Ft. Lauderdale).

Personal Interests

In general
  • Obtaining knowledge and spreading it
  • Continually reassessing truth, goodness, and beauty
  • Connecting, uplifting, teaching, and entertaining people
  • Making fun, memorable experiences for myself and others
  • History, philosophy, science, technology, religion, psychology
  • Travel — 40+ countries
  • Dancing — Swing (Lindy Hop) and ballroom
  • Singing — Choirs (baritone) and the occasional karaoke
  • Music — Drumming and piano
  • Acting — A few musicals over the years
  • Sports — Tennis, golf, football
  • Vehicles — Cars, motorcycles


See my portfolio and LinkedIn profile for more info.

Career Summary

  • 15 years in tech, 7 managing people
  • 9 years in product at public companies in both customer-facing and technical platform roles requiring regular facetime with senior executives
  • 2x startup co-founder
  • Product strategy and operations experience in data, MarTech, AdTech, growth, AI/ML, privacy, consumer, social, retail, SMB, SaaS, and mobile apps
  • Product experience across the customer journey: upper funnel marketing, landing pages, sign-up, onboarding, web and mobile UX, APIs, and backend platforms
  • Experience in a variety of company sizes: 1-10 (4x), 10-100 (1x), 400-1000 (2x), 5,000-100,000 (3x)


  • BS Computer Engineering, BYU
  • MS Electrical Engineering, BYU
  • JD, Georgetown (Member, State Bar of California)

Work Interests

I love building products and organizations that help people flourish in their personal and professional lives, such as those that:

  • help us form or enrich meaningful relationships
  • improve, simplify, and automate business and personal processes
  • open up new or more efficient modes of communication between individuals, groups, and the masses that may lead to increased understanding and fulfillment
  • improve the quality and cost of accessing universal basic services
  • improve allocation of resources and attention to things that matter