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Portfolio / MarTech

Fortune 500 experience driving growth, MarTech, and channel optimization: email, push, advertising, landing pages, in-app engagement

Marketing Technology (MarTech)
When I worked on it
Meta, Walmart, Intuit
Technology and vendors
Custom MarTech: Data Lakes, Data Warehouses, Batch & Real-Time, Spark, Kafka, Kafka Streams, Akka, RocksDB, MLeap, Airflow, NiFi
Email/Push: in-house platforms, Braze
Ads: in-house ad servers, Google Ads, Facebook Ads
Attribution: in-house, Branch, AppsFlyer
Analytics: Amplitude, Adobe
Promotions: ibotta
Mobile geo targeting: in-house, Radar
CDP: in-house, Segment, mParticle, RFPs w/ Tealium, Lytics
Data: Experian, LiveRamp, PlaceIQ


Walmart Marketing Technology

From 2018-2020 as a Director at Walmart in Marketing Technology, I led 7 PMs and 60+ cross-functional partners to build and drive cross-company value from a Customer Data Platform (CDP). We exceeded goals in adding $xxxM in incremental annual revenue and saving $yM through customer identity, profiling, and ML solutions applied across marketing, advertising, personalization, fraud, and privacy.

I owned two stacks: (1) a custom-built "Walmart CDP" augmented with 3rd-party data, and (2) a vendor stack to support mobile app marketing (with eventual unification plans).

  1. The Walmart CDP effort included a complex identity graph created with deterministic and probabilistic approaches, batch and real-time processing/ML, and data from Experian, LiveRamp, and PlaceIQ. See CDP portfolio for more details. Example marketing channel projects:
    • Audience segmentation for email/push, display advertising, and paid social advertising
    • Real-time retail ad retargeting (previously a 3-day process)
  2. The mobile MarTech stack included mParticle, AppsFlyer, Amplitude, Braze, and Radar. I helped manage many of these relationships and restructured our Amplitude and mParticle contracts to enable cross-enterprise use under a single agreement with better pricing.


QuickBooks Marketing Technology

From 2017-2018, as a Group PM at Intuit in MarTech, I led 7 PMs to drive upper funnel marketing platform and engagement activities for Intuit QuickBooks. My team contributed $xxxM/yr in revenue through platforms and user interfaces: behavioral tracking, user identity and interest profiles, landing pages, sign-up, in-product personalization, notifications, ad serving, and content management (CMS). I led a deep RFI among Customer Data Platform (CDP) vendors (see CDP portfolio). I was relationship owner for Segment and Amplitude, and helped drive contract negotiations with Segment, Amplitude, and Adobe Analytics.



I was invited to speak at data and analytics events held by Segment (CDP vendor) and Amplitude (Analytics vendor).

QuickBooks Mobile Apps

From 2014-2017, as a Senior PM at Intuit, I led the transition of QuickBooks mobile apps to being a substantial acquisition vehicle, aided by growth tactics, marketing technology, and experimentation.

In concert with a strong partnership with our mobile marketing team, I led instrumentation of our apps for data orchestration (Segment), improved product analytics (Amplitude), marketing automation (Braze), and install attribution (Branch). I partnered with marketing on GTM, including messaging, App Store optimization, and several Apple partnership initiatives. Along with feature changes to appeal to mobile-first users, these efforts led QuickBooks small business accounting, banking, payments, and expense tracking app to 330% growth in paying users (300K+).