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  • Co-founder and CPO/CTO
  • product management from concept through deployment
  • designed (Photoshop) native iPhone interface and most of web interface
  • interviewed and hired developers
  • managed development of web and iOS products
  • developed most of current API and a chunk of the current web app
Python, Django, Coffeescript, Backbone.js, (client), nginx, gunicorn, celery, Redis, PostgreSQL, SASS/Compass, Chef, Vagrant

Spurfly is a spur-of-the-moment, on-the-fly social calendaring application for groups of any size. Share your free time availability, ideas of things to do, and last-minute plans with 1 to 100s of people at a time.

Posts to others are called "spurs", and are displayed with 1 of 3 colors based on their type: green for free time, yellow for ideas, and blue for plans.

Each spur has a location, a time, and optional tags to specify the kind of activity you're up for or are sharing. You can send spurs to individuals, groups, all of your contacts, and even the public. Aside from messages and formal invitations, the recipient list is hidden.

Spurfly launched in the Apple App Store in May 2012, but has since been removed and our web application is currently shutdown. The API continues to function for existing iOS users.

I co-founded Spurfly with two partners in Dec 2010. In the first few months, I generated and tested product ideas, produced mockups, and personally developed a web application prototype.

Over the next remainder of 2011 I hired and managed a web team and iOS developer, designed web and mobile interfaces, wrote specifications, managed our product roadmap, and occasionally wrote code, including support for development setup and deployment (chef cookbooks, vagrant setup).

In our second year of operation, I designed the complete interface from scratch for our second generation iPhone app in Photoshop, wrote specifications, and managed its development. In tandem with this effort, I re-wrote most of our API and API documentation. I then turned to updating our web application's client-side code to utilize this new API.

Over 18 months I interviewed and hired a total of 12 people (designers and developers, some for several weeks and some for 10 months). On average we had 3 contractors working for us full-time, all working remotely.

Although I spent most of the first year with a product manager hat on, in our second year I was the project's largest code contributor (and deleter).

Selected screenshots and working designs

iOS Splash and Menu

iOS Spur Viewing, Searching

iOS Spur Creation

iOS Messages

iOS Contacts, Groups

iOS Notifications, Settings

iOS Pre-Login Tour

Web Designs (click to enlarge)

Web v1

Web v2

Web v2.1